Ready or Not

Today’s view is a little late- and for that I apologize.

I am coming to you today from my comfy bed, and yes, it is 11:30 in the morning. This past week was the first big event for Cornerstone and Greek Life at UNC – Leadership Retreat! During this week, many things happened- one of which was my use of a small top bunk bed as my place of rest.  Though I am grateful for that little corner for sleep, my personal bed and I have had a great reunion. And so, I write from here.

Cornerstone is a student led ministry, aided by the work of Cru staff members- which makes this short retreat crucial as we move into the first week on campus.  Here the leaders, many of them leading for the first time this year, join together to be trained in leading Bible study and focus their efforts in leading this ministry toward winning, building and sending at UNC.

100 students descended upon Wrightsville Beach Baptist church on Tuesday afternoon.  My view from this side of this busy week, is of happy reunions, valuable training and vision casting, and prayerful planning for the year to come. My personal contribution to training was a breakout session focused on shaping our efforts to share the gospel with students on campus around the Bible and biblical examples. We also had some fun with play dough.  Students attempted to build their personal responses to the word “evangelism” out of play dough.  An awkward turtle, many globes and two Gary the Pit Preacher statues joined us, as we honestly considered the hurdles we face as we carry out the great commission at UNC.

Gary the Pit Preacher

Gary the Pit Preacher

My view, from still-sleepy eyes, is a hopeful one.  I would ask that you join me in prayer for these new leaders, that vision and training would turn into spirit-filled service and action.  Pray for the new freshmen as they experience their first week in Chapel Hill, and pray that each would meet someone in their dorm who truly walks with Christ. Pray for our team, now 6 people (as we are used to 10) as we seek to trust the Lord ourselves and not be overwhelmed by the task ahead of us.

Thanks for your prayers!


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