today feels like a sigh

photo (33)

We have made it to another Friday friends! Congratulations!

Today feels like a sigh- like the campus has been holding its breath for two weeks and finally exhaled a little.  The Friday buzz of activity has risen and sleep deprived students are looking forward to a few minutes of freedom following the first midterm season- right after a loooong nap. I think it is summed up well by a comment from my sweet friend Meredith, who was sharing with me about her weekend plans- “I am so excited to sleep- is that weird?”

I am posted up in a corner of our student union, by Alpine Bagel Shop.  I feel like sitting here says, “I have work to do, but I am open to hanging out instead.” The past few weeks have definitely been library and top of the union weeks, but Alpine is hopping today.  Its nice to see students get a little moment to rest.  I think I also just have a special love for Alpine this week because one of the workers, upon observing my slightly rotten banana, brought me a fresh yellow banana to replace it, free of charge!

So here is to Alpine, the land of yummy (but slightly pricey) bagels, an overly noisy drink fountain, semi-studious college students, and friendly, generous strangers.

I hope this Friday marks a day of rest for you as well.  Happy Friday!

OH- and if you notice my little computer screen- I had the privilege of hanging my first art show at Earth Fare in Brier Creek this morning, AND being featured on the blog! Check it out! What a wonderfully blessed day 🙂


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