Public napping should be universally accepted

photo (27)My view this Friday afternoon is one of my favorites on campus.  Welcome to the top of the student Union – the perfect place for an extrovert like me to get some work done, while being comforted by the signs of life moving just outside the window.  Its a warm, sunny day and students are putting down their books in celebration of Friday, some are hanging out under the umbrellas outside and some are napping in chairs around.  Public napping is something I’ve seen mostly on college campuses, but I vote that it be universally accepted 🙂

We are closing down the 4th week of classes, and a hint of rhythm is beginning to form.  Students have exams, and Bible studies have regular meeting times.  We are finally done asking one another how our summer was.

The first 4 weeks are always a blur.  I feel myself looking into the next week, thinking, if I can get through Wednesday, or next weekend, it is smooth sailing from there.  I want to find rest in a routine.  If I am honest with myself though, there will always be something.  The Bible studies are all up and running, and last night we finally moved our large group meeting into our regular weekly home- things are beginning to feel “normal” – but Fall Retreat is coming, and event after event to follow, and before we know it there will be Winter Conference to promote.  God has been speaking to me sweetly, though, that the rest to find is in him.  I don’t have to look at my schedule and long for a rest, I have it here, in Him.

Miles, our Cornerstone campus director, is teaching Hebrews in our large group meetings, and he used last night to unpack the rest found in Hebrews chapter 4.  We all need it, staff, students, children, adults… We need to find rest in the truth of the gospel – that our worth and value does not come from our accomplishments, but in who Jesus died to make us.  Please pray for the students here at UNC (and for us staff as well!) that they would know the rest found in Jesus alone.

Happy Friday everyone!

Thanks for praying for us at UNC!




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