My View from Friday (a little late) 8.9.13

My view from this Friday is my toes in the sand, my Diet Coke in a sand-covered koozie and an endless day of sunshine and coconut tanning oil with my fam. Perfection.

Put away the frustration that often comes with a week with your family (you know what I am talking about, if you are honest) and there is something wonderful about being able to just be.  That doesn’t happen quite the same with anyone else- this is your family, after all, they can’t get rid of you. Its great to open your mouth and not have to think, “do they see it this way?” or “am I about to sound like a total moron?” Nope.  I believe my accent is thicker on this side of my week at Ocean Isle with the Talleys – there is nobody here to question it.

Daddy, father of 3 girls, described to us his beach style as “farmy/beachy” and let us know that if we wanted a similar look, we should check out Tractor Supply. 

My goodness Chapel Hill is going to be quite the culture shock after this week.

Somehow Cru (Cornerstone) leadership retreat is upon us! I am meeting the staff team up the beach in Wrightsville this evening to kick off another year of ministry at UNC.I will be glad to see the students return, but sometimes its good to sit back in your rusty beach chair and let the southern twang fly!


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