… that God would send UNC students out into the world…

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A little over a month ago I was talking with my dear friend and co-worker, Kelly (who is currently raising support and at 82% of her final goal! join me in praying her to 100% so she can join us back on campus!!) about our job of choice.  If I am honest, sometimes it feels ridiculous.  Sometimes it is hard to see any fruit at all. But as we were talking, I came to a somewhat dramatic conclusion.  Get ready.  If I had only a short span of time left to live (I told you- dramatic) and I had to choose how to best spend that time, I would want to spend it in the way that made the biggest impact. What would that be, I wonder? Fly to the most remote area of the world where the gospel has never been spoken, throw a Bible at them, as I can’t speak their language, and hope it made a difference? Maybe- wouldn’t be a terrible idea, anyway.  But in what way could I spend my time in order that the most people could be influenced by the gospel? So this is a leading question- but the beautiful answer for me is my job.

I am SO grateful that God has placed me where he has placed me, to influence future leaders of this country.  By following Christ’s model of discipleship and ministering to girls in Chapel Hill, we have the opportunity to influence numerous areas of society and the world, from the lab to the classroom. Praise Jesus for that!

Yesterday, before our final weekly meeting of the semester began, our prayer team put together an event for students to come with their Bible studies and pray.  Nearly 40 students participated in praying for the campus and the world.  One of my favorite prayer cards read,

“I pray that God would send UNC students out into the world to share his message with boldness.”

Amen! So be it, Lord!


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