why I do what I do

Fall Break Friday.  My view today is that somehow there are 5 weeks of class left in the semester, when it feels like leadership retreat for Cru was yesterday.

In this brief break- when students and staff alike take a quick breath of air before exams and plans for the summer and parties and papers- I snooze my alarm more than I normally allow myself and I take a few extra moments to think about why in the world I do what I do.  The truth is, our whole staff team has different reasons.  We all love Jesus and want students to see and reflect his glory, yes, but our motivations, the parts of campus ministry that really spark our interest, they are different.  That is kind of nice.

Those things are hard to see when you have your head ducked down and you are just plowing through, but today it was easy to see.  Pretty sure Jesus knew I needed that. Remember Margaret? She graduated last year from UNC, and I was given the gift of discipling her for four years.  I love this girl.  Anyway, she is currently in Uganda doing high school ministry.  It is so exciting to see what the Lord is doing through her in the lives of younger girls, and what he is continuing to do in her own heart.  Margaret reminds me why I do what I do.  Cru has a slogan, “100% sent.”  When I think about the guys and girls being trained and built up in their faith at UNC, and the areas of the world that they go out to influence and carry the gospel, I get goosebumps.  This is it folks, this is why I am here at UNC. Praise Jesus for letting us be a part. 548111_3018321862384_2132928078_n

Here is a little excerpt from Marg’s latest blog post.  Please pray for her and follow her blog as she boldly carries the gospel and cares for girls in Uganda:

My job is INCREDIBLE!! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I get so much joy in what I get to do every day. It is honestly unreal to be blessed with this opportunity. It is really interesting to see how the Lord really has been preparing me for my time in Uganda, the last couple of years, without me even knowing it.

Now it is time to hear in detail about my job!

A typical week would look like this. Every day, except for Tuesday, I go to two different schools. On Tuesday is my planning day for the week and I usually do that at the head office so I can fellowship and get to know my other staff! In total, I have four schools that I am committed too. Most of the schools here are boarding schools which is so interesting to me. It is like living the college life in high school. My job is to lead bible studies during the week and disciple girls. For each school , one day I will go to lead bible study then the other day I am at the school I can meet with students one on one to talk about life, struggles etc. Then if I have time on the weekend I can just go up to the schools and hangout. I mean seriously who wouldn’t want this job!
However, the first week I was so nervous about starting to lead. All I could think about was will they like me, will they understand me, will they care, am I a cool American(I seriously thought that). I had a lot of nerves, but as I was reading in my quiet time I once again had a realization. (Let me go ahead and preface that this blog is going to have many realization moments so please get used to it.)

Anyways I realized that Jesus has already gone before me. He has already planned out how everything will work out. When I was still a senior in college he knew I was going to Uganda even before I knew. He had already ordained/planned every bible study I would lead, every conversation I would have and every person I would meet. So why am I so nervous? Why am I afraid? I should have confidence in what Jesus has already done and what he is going to do.
All Jesus asks me to do is look to him and keep my eyes on him. I GET IT NOW! My whole life is just supposed to be looking to Jesus then everything else will be the result of me keeping my eyes on him.

There is so much more joy and freedom trusting in his finished plan when I know he works all things for my good. Mistakes can be joyous, bad situations can be joyous because it is all working for my good. I mean thank you Jesus for caring for me so much that you make a promise to work all things for my good. I definitely don’t deserve that.

Check out her blog here: mekazibwe.wordpress.com

Thanks for your prayers guys! Have a great weekend!



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