swamp dixie trip #7

How nice is it to have clean sheets on your bed? Gosh there is just something about it. From where I sit, I am grateful for the few minutes it took this week to at least tidy up this little corner of my world. Fresh white sheets… never mind the sticky whatever-that-is on the kitchen counter or the dust bunny army plotting my demise under the coffee table… tonight I have clean sheets on my bed, and for that I am thankful.

It’s been a blur folks.  From putting together final discipleship placements, to cranking out Ramble&Roost orders, to the Veritas Forum, to our annual trip to “Swamp Dixie” – the past two weeks have been completely ridiculous…

“Swamp Dixie” is our loving name for Camp Dixie in Fayetteville, NC, where we travel every year for Cornerstone Fall Retreat. This year marked my 7th trip to this magical land of mosquitos, summer camp-style cabins, go-carts and the Blob. Nearly 200 students came for the weekend, 80 of them freshmen, to grow in community and hear teaching from Jay Thomas, pastor of Chapel Hill Bible Church.  The talks were a refreshing reminder from Galatians that we have nothing to prove- that in Christ all is proven.  What a sweet reminder for over-committed Carolina students (and staff).  Please continue to pray for students as they wrestle with the tendency to find their identity in the grade on their exam or the number of clubs they are active in.

photo (28)photo (29)photo (30)We rolled back into Chapel Hill Sunday afternoon to hit the ground running.  The Veritas Forum joined us on Tuesday for “Bible: Fact or Fiction?”  Veritas Forum is an organization that works to bring scholarly speakers to college campuses to speak from an academic perspective on issues of faith and Christianity.  Dr. Peter Williams joined us at UNC on Tuesday to discuss the validity of the Bible.  As we approached students throughout Monday and Tuesday to ask their opinions, it was interesting to hear that nobody was indifferent.  People want to know if the Bible is relevant to our lives, if there is a God, and if so does he care about us at all? 

photo (31)

Please pray for follow-up of the Veritas Forum, and for some rest for our staff team 🙂

OH and Jillian, our new staff girl, reported to campus on Tuesday and we are SO PUMPED about that! Here we are, with a water balloon…

photo (32)


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