I love North Carolina in the fall

photo (36)This Friday I am reminded of something I have been convinced of for a very long time – I live in the most beautiful place on earth.  Gosh, I love North Carolina. 

photo (37)

My view is of fiery red, orange, yellow leaves all across campus.  This week I had a random few minutes on campus, and decided to pay a visit to my most favorite tree on campus.  I couldn’t tell you why, but ever since I spend my first fall in Chapel Hill in 2007, this one little tree has been such a reminder of God’s incredible creation, and the fact that there are wonderful and happy things in life to celebrate.   During my walk on Wednesday, I had time to pray thanking God for a creation that reflects his glory.  On a campus where “truth” is often regarded as something for each individual to discern for themselves, I look at these trees see clearly that my God is glorious, and the trees are convinced!

Please join me in praying that more students would see the glory of our God— and praise him for his incredible creation while you are at it!

photo (38)

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