My View from Friday 7.26.13

Happy Friday friends!

My view today is of a hairy, tangled beard and a camo bandanda.

I threw down by bag of sandy clothes at the foot of the stairs today around 12 noon, after an incredible few days at the beach with my best friends from college. On the counter was a note and brand new Tervis tumbler- from it stared the bushy, stern face of Phil Robertson. I turned the cup to find “Happy, Happy, Happy” written in camo-print block letters on the opposite side. MY. NEW. FAVORITE. POSSESSION.

If you have never had the privilege of watching Duck Dynasty, stop what you are doing now, and educate yourself. The Robertson’s are a family of hairy hairy men and their wives and children, who have held on to their Christian faith and somewhat-country view on life in the midst of a very successful business making duck calls. Something about it makes me feel at home here in Durham, NC. You can put me wherever you please in this world, but a part of me will always be the Queen of Booger Hollar.  I’ve been ironed through an art degree in Chapel Hill, but still there isn’t much better to me than sitting barefoot on the back porch in Stanly County, listening to the frogs on the pond and eating fresh cucumbers from the garden.  What can I say? I am southern, and I am a Talley girl.

but back to my tumbler… It’s just a cup, you may think.  But this, coming from my 100% Tarheel, Yankee, city-loving husband, is one of the most precious and thoughtful gifts he could have given me.  Not to be dramatic, but the woman-too-long-involved-in-college-female-ministry inside of me screamed “I AM KNOWN!”  It’s been almost 2 years with this incredibly handsome man, my favorite Yankee in the world, and it’s clear that we have come to know and love each other in more ways than we could have ever imagined on Aug. 20, 2011.  This art-loving country girl and this sports-loving, media-fanatic man, day by day, figuring out how to love one another- that is a beautiful thing. Pushing 2 years- we are pros now, right?

Thanks, Tommy!

Thanks, Tommy! 


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