My View from Friday 7.19.13

Hey friends! Welcome to my second “View From Friday” post.

Today I find myself in my studio.  I am an artist and owner of a baby creative business on Etsy, Ramble&Roost. I would love for you to poke around and let me know what you like, or any tips or ideas you have for me! I am quite the newbie, so I would love your input.

I love the eclectic nature of my studio- isn’t that how they all should be? Nothing quite matches, and my newest addition- the small, heavily ‘loved’ black desk where my sewing machine sits- smells slightly of indian food- gotta love Craigslist free section finds. We have all seen Pinterest photos of studios with exposed brick walls and nice clean lines and walls of perfectly organized supplies- and drool.  But back here, in the real world, a little mess never hurt anyone.  Art studios are messy, and strange, and occasionally emit curious odors- but it seems to me like creativity thrives in that type of environment.  Why else do we stay up all night eating chinese food and donuts, creating and creating and creating? Sometimes we just need a little bit of disorder for things to come together.

I did my best not to move anything or “tidy up” before I took my photos.  I called it quits last night on a string art piece and left the huge ball of string sitting under the table.  My first gardening attempt seems to be doing well (thats the succulent, not the dead flowers btw) and my to-do list sits in it’s normal spot, challenging me jump higher and run faster every day.  It’s funny- I am an ENFJ/ENFP – and if you know anything about Myers-Briggs personality types, the J/P determines if you like to plan or fly by the seat of your pants.  So I figure the fact that I am about 50/50 means I make to-do lists and lose them? Haha, whatever works.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my younger sister, describing the total mess in my studio, and she told me I was becoming her.  The “her” here is my grandma who is also an artist.  At times you might be able to lose a small child in her studio. I smiled because it is more than a little true.

I am grateful for a space in which I can create- I know it is a gift, and not all people have something like this at 24.  I am grateful for my not-so-right-brained husband who has the financial smarts to put us in a position to own our own place.  I am grateful for a new business that I hope to grow for many years.  And I am grateful to you for taking a look at what I am doing. Thanks for taking in the view from my messy studio this morning.

I would love to hear about where you are, if you have a studio or work space you love, and what makes it so wonderful?

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