My View from Friday, 7/12/13

20130712-112556.jpgOn Franklin street this morning, the weather was much like it was the first time I saw it- a bit dreary. On that morning, over 6 years ago, I toured campus as a devout NC State fan, and refused to purchase an umbrella because every single one was blue. Even in a downpour, though, this place is beautiful. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love- and now I am a Tarheel for life.

This morning, mist swished around cars as they pulled through the intersection under Top-O. The humidity made me regret the effort I put in looking “together” and pray that it would just rain already.

Finally it did. Luckily I was safe inside of Starbucks, sipping on a tall white mocha, discussing options with Veritas Forum director and the new RUF director for the Veritas Forum this coming year. We are excited about what this event can do to further the gospel on campus. Lots more to consider there. You can pray for our decisions and ahead of time for our follow-up for this event.

I walked through my favorite little spot on my way to Franklin, the puzzle piece alley, as I like to call it. Not sure it has a formal name. Isn’t it just beautifully whimsical? I am probably way too comfortable and happy in this particular alley all alone. I can’t help it though- I love the brick and the blue, and the fact that this sight means I am only steps away from one of my favorite streets on earth doesn’t hurt 🙂

This is my view from Friday.

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